Toronto, Canada

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Hello and welcome to Kholvad House of Canada website. Here you get information of our community and updates on social and recreation activities in the community. There are notices also posted here for bereavement notices.

We are arranging an indoor party for the community after a break of few years. It will be organized in early 2018. Please keep checking here for dates and location. We want to get our younger generation involved in social and recreation activities so please take active part in this community organization. Please have your say. We have some young Kholvadians working with committee to organize these events for fun and entertainment and for all ages. 
Please become a member of the organization for $50/year which is a cost of one family dinner and part of it goes to help Widows in Kholvad and earns rewards for hereafter. Contact information with email will be posted soon. For further information, please contact:

Musa Vawda @ 647-720 5591.

Thank you.